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Medical VR/AR/MR

Precision OS™ is a combination of Orthopedic Surgeons and high end game developers who have created the most innovative and realistic medical orthopedic simulator experience.  The focus of Precision OS’ software  is to provide the user metric feedback (version, angles and other critical data) to improve the expertise of the practicing surgeon. Improving performance and surgical volume has a direct impact on minimizing complications and improving patient outcomes.

Practice with purpose, operate with Precision.

Our intention is to focus our platforms on the many areas of the surgical process. This includes patient preparedness for surgery, the surgeon (including all level of trainees) and rehabilitation Precision OS™ has immense educational value as we are building a tool to positively impact the patient.

Arthroplasty Platform

We provide a VR platform whereby surgeons can introduce their patient anatomy, identify ”Precision” metrics and perform virtual surgery before actual patient intervention.  In addition, Precision OS™ offers a unique aspect involving the focus on surgeon skill through enhancement of non-dominant hand and vision training. We believe the surgeon is equivalent to an athlete which will allow them the capabilities of performing under any circumstance.

Patient Specific Anatomy

We uniquely allow introduction of patient specific anatomy to the PrecisionOS™ model via advanced imaging. This allows the surgeon to virtually perform their patients surgery with data prior to the actual procedure.  This is an integral difference to Precision and is the major benefit of VR as it is introduced into the medical system.  The virtual “deliberate” simulation of patient specific procedures is the future of health care delivery.

Trauma Platform

Precision OS™ also provides a trauma platform which allows the surgeon to fully comprehend the fracture configuration, optimal screw trajectory and plate position for anatomic reduction. This can be performed at home, office or in the hospital before surgery. Unlike traditional surgical planning, Precision OS™ provides the surgeon with the most in-depth evaluation and options to “virtually” treat the patient before undertaking such complex injuries.

What we do

Developing Orthopedic Platforms

Precision OS™ allows surgeons to enhance their skill through tactile, anatomic and metric feedback towards deliberate expert practice. Enhancing the volume of surgery, training, skill set and competence of the 21st century surgeon is our mandate.

In 2017, Orthopedic Surgeons have no reliable metric feedback during their practice to become experts. The Precision OS mission is to virtually alter that reality through a rare blend of talent, business and development experience to ultimately impact patient outcomes.

Our intention is to provide Value Based Care through improvements in surgical expertise and the supporting staff of any procedure. We are targeting the current and future generations of surgeons who currently interface with VR technology at an unprecedented rate.

Custom Solutions & Consultancy

Precision OS™ is uniquely positioned to help empower the medical community and provide custom tailored VR\AR\MR experiences to the Orthopedic industry.

We are available to consult or create custom solutions for your specialty.

Talk to us about how we can incorporate Implant Utilization with Precision OS™ software, help increase your market share, and the Licensing opportunities to Medical Schools, Residency and Fellowship Programs.

We can show you how and why VR\AR\MR needs to fit into your portfolio today.

Who we are

Danny P. Goel, MD, FRCSC

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Goel is a Consultant Shoulder Surgeon and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia Department of Orthopedic Surgery.  He has over 10 years of experience in shoulder reconstruction and has trained at the University of Calgary,  Western and Harvard University.  Dr. Goel has worked with surgeons at the  Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN and in Europe. He is currently an educator for shoulder arthroscopy and arthroplasty and has lectured nationally and internationally. His research interests include access to timely and appropriate health care,  surgeon perception and virtual reality in Orthopedic Surgery.  Dr. Goel is an associate member of the American Shoulder and Elbow Society (ASES), Canadian Shoulder and Elbow Society (CSES) and the Codman Shoulder Society (CSS).

Colin O'Connor

Chief Technical Officer

As a proven technology leader in interactive graphics and video games, Colin has extensive knowledge in crafting high fidelity visual experiences and has shipped many AAA products that have sold tens of millions of units. He’s founded multiple companies holding director level positions, steered complex technologies across multiple product lines and helped oversee large scale studio grow.

During his 23 years in the video game industry, he has shipped over 16 AAA products across 11 gaming platforms and has worked closely with large publishers like Microsoft, Sony, EA, Disney, Activision and Square Enix.  Colin was the recipient of the 2005 Visual Effects Society (VES) award for “Best Real-time Rendering in a Video Game” for his rendering work on NFS Most Wanted.

Roberto Oliveira

Chief Creative Officer

As a veteran developer in the video game industry, Roberto has hard won experience in crafting cutting edge visuals using the latest technology. Over a 25 year career, he has shipped many AAA products that have sold tens of millions of copies. He’s founded two companies holding director level positions and has been part of leadership teams for the majority of his career. His first start up company was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2002.
Most recently Roberto co-founded United Front Games and was involved in Art Direction, IP development, talent acquisition and high-level operation of the company. The studio won multiple awards and grew to over 280 people within its first three years. United Front Games had multiple large-scale development teams working on fan favorite titles like ModNation Racers and Sleeping Dogs.

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